General aspects:

FIRST Tech Challenge Romania - Application Form season 2022/2023 POWERPLAY
FIRST Tech Challenge Romania registration is open for Romanian and International FTC teams.

All teams that are willing to participate in the Romanian Championship are invited to follow the Registration/ Login steps.
REGISTRATION PROLONGED DEADLINE for International FTC teams: Jan 31st, 2023

The teams will participate in one of the 2 Regional Competitions (Games & Judging), and based on the Advancement criteria will be invited to join the National Championship if the case.

Regional Competitions:
#1 BUCHAREST, February 13-15, with access from Feb.12
#2 BUCHAREST, February 17-19, with access from Feb.16
Registration fee/ INTERNATIONAL team: 800 eur (VAT 19% included)

NATIONAL Championship
BUCHAREST, March 10-12, 2023 (with access from March 9)
Registration fee/ INTERNATIONAL team: 800 eur (VAT 19% included)

Team Name:
School Name:
International Number:
Representative first/last name:
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